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We specialise in all aspects of property maintenance and consultancy. Our portfolio includes various commercial offices and residential complexes, including renovation of sites.

Managing facilities since 1996

We are full of experience

Since 1996, Environmental Management Services Limited has established a reputations as one of the industry’s most active and forward thinking facility management service provider in this country.
We ply our trade in the property management, real estate and consultancy services in both commercial and residential sectors. We have had considerable success in the market place due to our understanding and experience of working with a wide range of clients. Our solutions are focused on cost reduction, value for money and excellent service delivery.
All the above, have been deliberately developed to reflect each client’s specific needs.


Our Mission

To provide consistently high-quality facility management and customer services that supports the provision of an outstanding client experience.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leader in facilities management among Environmental Management companies in Nigeria.

Facilities management involves keeping track of more than one goal. On the one hand, you need to secure the best lease deals, balance your portfolio of properties and generate return on investment. Then on the other, you also have to keep tenants satisfied and minimise the number of empty properties. Environmental management Services Ltd. aim to help find and retain the most cost-effective services and design a schedule that will not compromise on quality.

These are achievable by:


Our Values

Efficient Communication

We never underestimate the importance of regular communication with our clients. Without doubt, the single biggest area of concern when we speak to new customers is the lack of, and quality of, communication they have received in the past.

Fit for Purpose

At EMS when you request a technician he will have sufficient hands-on experience in the field of providing maintenance. Likewise, if you require cleaning services to be undertaken, you can be confident that the EMS Janitorial staff deployed will be suitably qualified.

Effective Supervision

We ensure as a police to assign, review, participate, organise and supervise assigned personnel engaged in construction, modification, naintenance and repair of facilities as expected


Our Services

Generator maintenance and procurement

Air conditioning maintenance

Water treatment plants

Janitorial and pest control

Refuse disposal

Sewage dislodgement

Gardening and landscaping

Plumbing maintenance

Electrical maintenance

Residential and office renovations


Swimming pool maintenance

Reactive and Planned Maintenance

Facilities maintenance is not a science but delivering it well is an art. At the heart of any good service is the quality of the operatives undertaking the tasks. That is why we rely on the direct-delivery model, recruit the best qualified people in the business and keep them!

Since we started life as a property maintenance company we fully understand the process, end-to-end, of delivering timely cost-efficient services. Years of experience have taught us and enabled us to develop systems that surely works and are pro-actively managed and tracked throughout the process.

Our operational processes and IT platforms have been refined for almost twenty Five years to facilitate the task of managing large numbers of jobs over multiple sites and across varying trades. By working intelligently we minimise travel, maximise productivity and ensure the minimum of disruption to our customers and their businesses.

We use Direct and Indirect Employment Model

The delivery of effective reactive and planned facilities maintenance via the utilisation of directly-employed tradespersons to deliver all key trades has been the foundation of our services since inception.

EMS directly and indirectly employs a wide variety of tradespersons to carry out the following services:

Statutory Maintenance

EMS has robust management systems in place for planned and regulatory works. We can provide the client with monthly status reports of all works, identifying areas of risk and next management actions.

Working with the client, we can ensure:

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive safety program essential to afford tenants, visitors and our staff the highest level of personal safety and protection in the property. We also have a robust safety programmes structured around FM work environment and persons. We undertake regular staff trainings for optimal performance headed by a trained health and safety personnel.

We take safety seriously

We've Got A Strong Portfolio

O'Callaghan Court

Ornife Legacy Place

Aduke Court

FABAC Center

Gemini Court

Lugard Court

Kazuma Plaza

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